The WASH Project

Only in the GDZ could Zaw Win’s Westside Value Laundromat transform into Buffalo’s most lively and spontaneous art center

It was November 2012, and longtime PUSH member Zaw Win’s Laundromat suddenly became “an outlet for random acts of creation.” That’s how Win’s collaborator Barret Gordon describes the WASH Project–short for Westside Art Strategy Happenings.

To be sure, Win’s Laundromat had never been an ordinary place to wash your clothes. With its oversize posters of Win’s fellow Burmese resistance leaders, it had long been a magnet for the West Side’s Burmese refugee community.

Tote your dirty clothes to the Wash project today, and you never know exactly what you’ll find. So much happens at the WASH.

This summer, kids from the WASH Project and PUSH’s Center@Grant Street designed masks and puppets for the New-Orleans-style Circus of Life Parade down Grant Street and Massachusetts Avenue ending at the Mass Ave Park.

During the same summer, the “laundromactivists” of WASH got togther with the “biketivists” of GOBike Buffalo also hosted weekly Bikeā¤ “Popup” Workshops on the sidewalk outside the laundromat. Kids who want to learn bike repair show up with whatever ails their machines. They get tools and lessons on how to use them.

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Zaw Win and Barret Gordon, masterminds of the WASH Project