The Center@ 271Grant Street

Raising the GDZ’s Next Generation of Community Leaders

In 2010, PUSH opened up the first floor of the former library it occupies on Grant Street to the Center @217 Grant Street. The Center has become a major social destination for West Side children and teenagers.

The Center’s mission is to provide an “Open, Productive, and Safe” space for youth to do homework, participate in academic and political education programs, as well as attend (and host) large-scale community social events year-round.

As in many low-income urban neighborhoods, young people make up a larger share of the West Side’s community. Like the adults of the West Side, the community’s youth come from all across the world, speak many languages and negotiate in many ways the differences between their parent’s culture and the culture of their new home.

PUSH and its partner organizations see young people’s experiences and diverse outlooks as one of the neighborhood’s greatest resources. It’s the youth who will envision the future of the West Side and lead the campaigns that will nurture those visions.

“Open Mic Night” at the Grant Street Neighborhood Center

Youth assemble an “edible wall” at the GSNC


The edible wall complete