Local Contractor Networks

Taking the High Road with Local Construction Contractors

To renovate and build houses, and to revitalize vacant land in the Green Development Zone, PUSH has contracted out millions of dollars of work to local construction companies. PUSH uses the leverage it has in these deals to ensure that its contractors hire West Side residents, that these employers pay family-sustaining wages and benefits, and that they offer local workers training and job security.

A network of high road contractors, many of them minority owned, has emerged as a result. In this way, the emerging community economy in the GDZ has created a new gateway into a business often closed off to low-income people of color.

PUSH Green has built on the experience of the Green Development Zone and seeks to expand this network of contractors as it expands the retrofit business in the area. Working with New York State’s energy efficiency watchdog NYSERDA, LiUNA and their new OptiHome contractor-worker alliance, PUSH Green has gained extra leverage to create quality jobs for West Side residents.

Are you a contractor willing to take the high road? Here are your options for joining PUSH Green’s contractor networks. (Image credit: PUSH Green WNY Contractor Pipeline Model)