Creating Quality Local Jobs

What’s the bottom line of the new community economy? JOBS

How do we create jobs?

Simply add up all the values and activities of the Green Development Zone:

principles + people power + community control + land improvement + housing rehabilitation

And let’s be clear–not just any-old jobs, but quality, high road, local jobs. Jobs that launch West Side residents into productive careers and small businesses. Jobs that allow local people to raise strong families and build strong neighborhoods.

To create new jobs, PUSH has focused on expanding the local weatherization and rehabilitation business. Because of PUSH’s many construction projects in the Green Development Zone, PUSH has been able to call on a growing network of high-road contractors who are committed to hiring new workers from the West Side–and offering good pay, good benefits, and real prospect for a future in the business.

In addition to the contractor network, PUSH founded its new energy efficiency – green jobs program, PUSH Green. PUSH Green arose directly from successful campaigning to pass the Green Jobs – Green New York law in 2009.

The program provides homeowners across Erie County with information about how to finance affordable, home weatherization upgrades with help from the state. The work that comes out of each Green Jobs – Green New York project correlates to one new job for someone in Erie County looking to get into the green jobs field.

In the future, PUSH will create more of these types of social enterprises, as well as expand into landscaping, green energy infrastructure and other businesses that are needed to redevelop our communities.

In the meantime, PUSH is making sure that local people have adequate training for these new job opportunities. To do that, PUSH has brought together a network of partner organizations who offer job training and young people the chance to be more active and empowered citizens in the community. Some of the youth in these organizations participate in PUSH’s grassroots campaigns, while others have found jobs in our budding local community economy.

Empowerment for youth + job training = new opportunities for work in the GDZ and beyond. We call it the The Green Jobs Pipeline.