The weather’s gorgeous in Buffalo, and residents of the city’s West Side gather in the heart of the Green Development Zone to celebrate a great victory – the completion of Phase I of the Massachusetts Avenue Park.


The Green Development Zone (GDZ) is PUSH Buffalo‘s internationally recognized effort to grow a new community economy in a 25-square block area of the city’s West Side.

The foundations of the GDZ, like the roots of the tree on our homepage, rest on our core principles and the spectacular victories that West Side residents have won by organizing grassroots direct action campaigns.

Our principles and victories have allowed the tree to grow strong and branch out. We have built green and affordable housing in the Zone and have made new productive use of vacant land. That, in turn allows us to create quality local jobs.

Purposes of this website:

1) To provide a rich, interactive source of information about the Green Development Zone, using many different media: short webpage essays, photographs, diagrams, maps, audio clips, videos, and a weblog.

2 ) To spread the word about the community economy PUSH is growing on Buffalo’s West Side

3) To encourage conversations about the Green Development Zone among all of its stakeholders: West Side residents, grassroots urban activists, planners, public officials, academics, the press, funders, and lovers of cities everywhere.

To participate in these conversations, post your comment on the GDZ blog.

The GDZ on Video

For a quick introduction to the activities in the Green Development Zone watch this short video by PUSH volunteer and filmmaker Adrianna Hernandez-Stewart.

National and International Recognition for Buffalo’s Green Development Zone

On April 12, 2011, Ashoka Changemakers announced the result: The Green Development Zone was one of three programs from a list of dozens of sustainable housing efforts across the world to win the award for Sustainable Housing: Collaborating for Livable and Inclusive Cities.

To participate internationally, the GDZ was previously singled out on the national level by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the U.S. Department of State, and the American Planning Association.

Additional Information:

    • Check out the latest GDZ news and events
    • Arrange a spot on a tour of the Green Development Zone.