The NetZero House

The Region’s Most Advanced Home is on the West Side of Buffalo

The NetZero House, completed in 2011 and located at 10 Winter Street, is a typical West Side house in every way, except for the fact that it produces all of the energy it uses on-site. The house fulfills a crucial goal of the Green Development Zone, to showcase experiments with the most advanced renewable energy systems and green construction.

Solar panels on the Net-Zero House, from the air

A 4.5-KW solar panel array on the main roof (above) generates electricity for the house, and a solar-powered water heater on the street side roof provides hot water.

A geothermal system, embedded underground in the lot next door, heats the house.

To conserve the energy the house produces, the building is wrapped in super-insulation and other innovative building materials, and the recyclable metal roof has a “cool” reflective finish that keeps the interior comfortable in summer months without added energy use.


Green Jobs Training

During its construction, the NetZero House served as a green jobs training site for participants in PUSH’s job-training networks. Now it has become home to Maxine Murphy, PUSH board chair and member of PUSH’s housing co-op.


Installing solar panels, the PUSH Net-Zero House