Building Green & Affordable Housing

Renovated West Side Homes that are Affordable Because They’re Green

397 Massachusetts Avenue Renovation Plans (Image credit: PUSH Buffalo, Inc.)

When PUSH rehabilitates homes and apartment buildings in the Green Development Zone, the goal is to create high quality, permanently affordable, environmentally sustainable shelter for West Side residents.

Projects in the Zone are guided by the idea that affordability and sustainability are essential to each other, especially in a northern climate where heating bills make up such a heavy part of residents’ housing costs.

Since 2005, PUSH and its non-profit development company, the Buffalo Neighborhood Stabilization Company (BNSC), has acquired and rehabilitated 18 units of housing.

In 2013, PUSH got great news. BSNC, working with Housing Vision Consultants, won a New York State grant to renovate and build 46 new units of affordable housing in the GDZ. Keep your eyes out as construction begins on the Massachusetts Avenue Community Homes (MACH) project in the upcoming months.

In November 2011, PUSH completed the Niagara region’s first NetZero Energy house, transforming a West Side house into a home that produces all the energy it uses. The house generates hot water and electricity from solar panels, and heat from a geothermal system installed in a neighboring vacant lot.

PUSH has also worked tirelessly to give West Side homeowners access to government funds that will help them weatherize their homes and bring down their heating bills.

In 2012, following up the successful effort to support the innovative Green Jobs – Green New York Act, PUSH founded PUSH Green, and became the local coordinating agency for Erie County-sponsored weatherization projects in Western New York.

In all of its projects PUSH has been active in abating household hazards such as lead paint, asbestos and mold.

All of these rehabilitation projects allow PUSH and its networks of contractors to train and employ West Side residents in quality local jobs.