Sustainable Neighborhoods

Getting a Governor to Get with the Program

Keep your eyes out for another Green Affordable Home at  560 West Utica Street. Work has begun during Fall 2012, thanks to Sustainable Neighborhood funding.

The Sustainable Neighborhoods Program is one of PUSH Buffalo’s most important public policy victories. PUSH developed this initiative during 2009 working with New York State’s housing agencies.

On February 10, 2010, Governor David Patterson announced his support for the initiative, whose funding criteria mirrored the priorities of the Green Development Zone.

Applicants for funds must develop their projects for revitalization in full consultation with residents of the communities where they will be implemented. They must also envision a multi-faceted approach to sustainable development and emphasize the renovation of existing structures.

In the Fall of 2012, PUSH will use Sustainable Neighborhoods funding to break ground on three projects in the Green Development Zone: 335 Massachusetts Avenue, 99 Chenango Street and 560 W. Utica Street.

Watch out for a new addition to the neighborhood! PUSH will build one of the first new houses on the West Side in the Fall of 2012, thanks to Sustainable Neighborhoods funding.


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